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Welcome to Grieb Chiropractic Clinic

Chiropractor in Wexford, PA, Dr. Eric Grieb's 28 years of experience, techniques, and protocols utilize a gentle approach of Chiropractic treatment in conjunction with stretching and strengthening exercises to provide pain relief and achieve your personal goals of health.

Grieb Chiropractic Clinic's has three clinical goals for every patient:

1.  Pain Relief

2.  Rehabilitation of Findings

3.  Prevention of Future Injuries

Plan your visit to Grieb Chiropractic Clinic today! Click here to visit our contact page! If you are looking for a Chiropractor in Wexford, PA you have come to the right place!

Emily GarrityEmily Garrity
02:07 21 Oct 22
Dr. Eric Grieb has helped me immensely. I walked in with an inflamed disc and I was in unbelievable pain. A few adjustments later and I am noticing increased motion and decreased pain. His methods are effective, his knowledge of the human body is broad and his compassion for the pain I have has been so appreciated! He has listened to me and helped me onto the path for healing. He was also honest and realistic about the time that it may take to get stronger, but he shared a plan of action and has stuck to it. The staff are also caring and efficient. The office is clean and welcoming! Cannot say enough good things about my experience at GCC.
Jon SnyderJon Snyder
19:31 29 Jul 22
Best Chiropractor in Pittsburgh.Don’t waste your time and money elsewhere.
Debbie OtrhalikDebbie Otrhalik
22:33 18 Jul 22
Love Dr Eric, May Kay is wonderful and Brianna is vey help especially with my grandson.! I just love all of them
Cal FrederickCal Frederick
19:42 23 May 22
Dr. Grieb and his staff are FABULOUS! I can't thank them enough for all they have done!
Jill CheranJill Cheran
16:22 17 Jan 22
I have been going to Dr. Grieb since he opened back in 1995. His staff has ALWAYS been professional and very friendly. You can always get in to see him when you need to. I have immediate relief after his appointments and have continued my visits for maintenance care. I would highly recommend his office to anyone in the Wexford area looking for relief from back/neck pain!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
22:43 11 Oct 21
5 ❤️hearts, staff is so helpful & friendly. Dr. is upbeat & positive, he’s made major improvements to my daily life in matter of a few months.
Laraine HendersonLaraine Henderson
21:09 04 Nov 20
Dr. Grieb and staff are the most professional and friendly staff I have ever been to. They made all my neck, shoulder, and arm pain from a pinched nerve go away. I was nervous about the procedures and adjustments but they talked me thru everything and put my mind at ease and made my body free of pain. The process runs quickly and smoothly. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED this practice.
Mia AlexanderMia Alexander
14:58 26 Aug 20
I'm writing on behalf of my father Dale Alexander. "Thank you so much Dr. Grieb for your treatment of my hip and leg problem. I couldn't sit, walk or lay down without severe stabbing pain. The Cox chiropractic method, and Dr. Grieb's two Cox tables got me back to healing and being able to function again."We appreciate Dr. Grieb for taking my dad in quickly without having to wait too long to be seen. We highly recommend him.
Susie DoakSusie Doak
19:58 20 Jul 20
Dr Grieb has been our family chiropractor for over 15 years! He is a saving grace when sciatica kicks in. His practice offers flexible hours, and expertise service with a smile! I highly recommend him to all.
leslie smithleslie smith
15:50 28 Apr 20
This man chose to stay open during a pandemic. This "doctor", term used lightly, is not a life saving "doctor".
Erik AndersonErik Anderson
17:08 29 Jul 19
I have been seeing Dr. Greib for 2 years now and cannot say enough positive things about him and the entire office staff in general. I feel better after my adjustments and he gives suggestions for continued therapy and exercises at home. I highly recommend this practice!
Taylor DeatsTaylor Deats
19:31 03 Jul 19
Dr. Grieb and his team are always so inviting and helpful! If you are looking for a chiropractor and team of staff that makes you feel welcomed every time you enter for your appointment then make yourself an appointment. After I hit a deer with my car this past spring they made me feel like I had my family going through each obstacle and getting help! Do yourself a favor and make yourself an appointment. They take insurance and are affordable for out of pocket cost.
Deanna KuderDeanna Kuder
21:30 12 Jun 19
Great staff! No long waits. Very relaxing atmosphere.
Joanne OdonnellJoanne Odonnell
21:51 31 May 19
Dr Grieb is wonderful!..... very caring has taken care of my husband, all 6 of my kids and myself for 9years!...... I totally recommend him to everyone!... all of his staff is wonderful too!
Cassy RosemeyerCassy Rosemeyer
22:33 29 May 19
Dr. Grieb is so friendly and flexible in seeing patients at any time. My upper back has improved a ton. Best staff too (shoutout to Lyric) !!
A Google User
A Google User
20:46 13 Feb 19
Dr. Grieb has helped me often with back, neck & muscle issues over the years--family and friends as well. He is always personable and knows his clients well. Staff is friendly and prompt, and scheduling is flexible.He does a thorough initial exam, and doesn't keep you coming back forever if you don't need it.
20:46 13 Feb 19
Dr. Grieb has helped me often with back, neck & muscle issues over the years--family and friends as well. He is always personable and knows his clients well. Staff is friendly and prompt, and scheduling is flexible.He does a thorough initial exam, and doesn't keep you coming back forever if you don't need it.

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